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  Empowered 4 Birth  

Baby Explorer’s
Better Brain’s For Babies!

Dates: 11th Jan - 8th Feb
                   18th Apr -  23rd May
         Day: Thursday 

Time:  10:00am - 11:30am
Venue:  Canterbury & District Early Years Project, CT1 1EA
Crèche available for pre-school children
For information or to book a place telephone : 01227 786420

Newborn Baby
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This programme is for expectant mothers and new mothers, providing opportunities to explore their baby's developmental needs.




You and your baby will enjoy some supported time together where you can share and explore different ways to play and communicate with your baby. The sessions will look at different ways you can really help your baby form and develop skills for life!


There are 6 sessions and once parents have joined the group, the same parents will attend every session. Each session will last an hour and a half, with refreshments provided for parents and children


This is a partnership between Mayah's legacy project

"EMPOWERED 4 BIRTH" and Canterbury District Early Years Project  

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How your baby's brain develops


Watching a DVD on how your baby sees the world


Why love matters


Different ways to play and communicate with your baby


Baby massage

Baby Presents
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