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Real Talk - Self-advocacy conversation

Conversations are at the core of our human experience. It is through conversation that we relate to others, understand each other better and take action. Every conversation holds within it enormous potential: the potential to connect, to learn, to build or to grow. Our ability to transform our lives, and those of others, relies upon our ability to communicate a shared vision. Our conversations about self-advocacy are about creating a safe space where families can speak up and be heard.



Self advocacy is the ability to speak up for yourself and for the things that are important to you. 

Self advocacy helps you:

           Get what you need
           Make your own choices

           Learn how to say no

           Express your feelings respectfully

Our self-advocacy conversation aims to grow people's awareness and understanding of self-advocacy: What self-advocacy is, how you can self-advocate for yourself and how you can support others to self-advocates for themselves.

Young Teacher

At the end of this conversation, you're going to:

1. Be aware and understand what self-advocacy is, how you can self-advocate for yourself and how you can support others to self-advocate for themselves.

2. Be able to and/or support others to confidently speak up when making choices and decisions in life.



What self-advocacy is?- Why self-advocacy is important?

Knowing what you need (such as rights)


When is Self-Advocacy useful?

Assertiveness & Self-advocacy


How do you Self-Advocate for yourself and or others?


Knowing yourself

Tapping into your Intuition


Free Self-Advocacy Journal 

Effective Communication

At its core, RealTalk is simply a sincere and honest conversation, designed to cultivate openness in moving people along the path of empowerment.  This conversations helps listeners to find ways to talk about their own experiences, which leads to self-awareness and the practice of self-advocacy.

Courage to speak your truth

Courage to speak your truth

Real and authentic conversation. Thank you @obafeyikemi_luther for being present both mind, body and spirit. If you need to connect with her and get updates on all her events and coaching sessions, follow her page; IG: @obafeyikemi_luther Clubhouse; Obafeyikemi Luther Club ; The wildfresh Experience Introducing my guest Obafeyikemi Luther is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, an experienced Vulnerability and Sensual coach, Speaker, social activist, influencer, model, designer and intuitive chef with a difference, who is vulnerable, open caring and Real. She creates experiences for women to change their lives and heal their soul and spirit so that they can feel loved, confident and motivated to live a life that is connected to their purpose. She teaches them the tools to use to step into their authenticity and to begin to live their lives abundantly. She believes in questioning and finding the truth that lies within. Challenging the status quo and living and standing in your truth Mother of three uniquely manifested children, 2 strong young men 11 and 7 1 beautiful special daughter who has taught her loving the world through the eyes of a special needs child. Obafeyikemi started her career as an Event designer and manager and after a while felt her soul calling was in a hugely different space. She traded in the corporate world for her true purpose –highlighting social issues affecting women that often go undiscussed, creating a safe space for honest discussion and change and has never look back! Whether she is cooking, hosting, connecting or designing, her messages are always true, always from the heart and always from real life experiences. Obafeyikemi, a mother of three lives between Lagos, Nigeria and London, England. #globalsororitas #womensupportingwomen #motherhood #realconversations #vulnerability #sensuality #realwomen #motherhood #love #kindness #support #lifestyleblogger #mumsoninstagram
Christiana Johnson :Founder Moving Forward Post Miscarriage

Christiana Johnson :Founder Moving Forward Post Miscarriage

Like going to the dentist, dreading that moment where we must go to the dentist with mixed feelings and thoughts of apprehension, fear, uncertainty. Plus, the process itself isn't always nice depending on what treatment you require, but we sit there politely feeling uncomfortable, lacking the confidence to ask that niggling question which comes from our gut instinct that will not go away and continuously ruminates in our head. And yet we do not want to ask this life-changing question, because after all professionals know better, they have spent years developing their knowledge and skills. We then walk away feeling dejected, voiceless, frustrated with ourselves for not speaking up. It's like going to a hairstylist with an idea of that look awesome, feel good hairstyle you really want to Rock for the Christmas party, which you sit through in front of the mirror while the hairstylist excludes you from the whole process while you are sat thinking "that's not quite what I want". Worse than that, you say nothing, pay for the service because you do not want to offend or question "the professional" but remain frustrated, annoyed and once again downcast. It's no different with regard to miscarriage, baby loss, pregnancy and dealing with professionals who make decisions for you without ever including you in the process.They make assumptions without asking you the right questions because they've seen your type of case a million times before over their years of practice. - Christiana Johnson
Finding Empowerment through Grief - Xina Gooding-Broderick - #grief #loss #mayahslegacy #empowerment

Finding Empowerment through Grief - Xina Gooding-Broderick - #grief #loss #mayahslegacy #empowerment

You can contact Xina @motherofabundance Email; After losing her father 7 weeks after his cancer diagnosis, Xina was cast into a world of sorrow. Her father was a funeral director and one of his requests was for Xina to take over the family business. She became the first black woman in the UK to own an independent funeral home, and her father's funeral was the first one she directed. She later began her executive leadership coaching business. Highlights of our conversation around empowerment through grief: 1. The ability to be active and to do something meaningful was empowering for her. 2. Look after yourself and take responsibility for managing your grief. (Xina sought out Grief Support) 3. Her priority was to manage her grief in a healthy way 4. Self-care on your path is empowering. It gives you the ability to help others, should you need to do so. 5. Relying on faith is an option. Difficult moments are opportunities to lean on God. This helps you not to take the burden on your own. You may be imperfect in your grief and you don't need the answers for everything. 6. Grief can be isolating, so figure out what's right for you. Enjoying nature and taking a stroll in nature can be comforting. You can cry without anybody looking at you. 7. You don't need to be "strong". However, if you do want to be strong, you can decide what that looks like for yourself. You make up your mind how to do that on your own terms, not on the terms of well-wishers who ask you to "Stay strong". 8. The choice is yours. You are under no obligation to accept what is imposed on you by well meaning onlookers. 9. Your response to grief is unique to you; you may or may not cry, you may need company or you may wish to be on your own, etc. 10. Grief can be overwhelming and our reaction can be profound.  You need deep self care, deep compassion and deep self-love. #empowerment #grief #selflove #choice #loss #mayahslegacy
Trust the Process- Ksavi Josh #sandscharity #pregnancyloss #bereavement #southasiancommunity

Trust the Process- Ksavi Josh #sandscharity #pregnancyloss #bereavement #southasiancommunity

Talking to Ksavi Joshi @ksavijoshi enlightened and encouraged me. I love her openness about her journey and her trust in the process that led her journey to become. She celebrated Shivai's life and presence. @shivais_rainbow Ksavi does incredible work with the charity Sands @sandscharity and now Sands Ambassador and Also Board of trustees. She understands the importance of access to bereavement support across the South Asian and Black community. She is committed to doing the work and leaving a legacy that will carry on after her physical departure. I honour her and appreciate her commitment. About My Guest Influencer and Sands Ambassador, Ksavi, is a trained makeup artist and Jay Shetty certified life coach. She found comfort, motivation and gratitude in celebrating both inner and outer beauty following the devastating loss of her 2nd son, Shivai. She used the coping mechanisms learned on her own personal journey through grief to find happiness, and to talk openly about overcoming adversity, to help others. Her purpose centres around kindness and she set up growing online community 'Lipstick Power' to help women support other women through life, experiences, trauma and loss. She runs virtual Makeup Sessions to help women build their confidence and find self love for themselves again. Her uniqueness is in the open and frank way that she shares her vulnerability, remains real and balances a successful career, with being a mum.
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