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You Matter retreat for parents & carers

It can be really hard to look after ourselves as parents and carers when we are so focused on caring for little ones. It's stressful and exhausting isn't it?! That's why we are offering this wellbeing retreat morning that's just for you (although babes in arms are welcome to join us). We want to extend this warm welcome to all who identify as a parent or carer, any age, stage or gender. You may never have been to a retreat before, this will be a small introduction to give you a taster!

Free to book, donations welcome on the day!

Thanks to grant funding from Social Enterprise Kent from the NHS Vital 5 project this special wellbeing morning is offered on a donation basis. Booking is essential to ensure there is quiet space and time in the hall for everyone. There are just 12 spaces available in total.

Vital 5: NHS England has identified 5 priorities for improving adult health, they call "Vital 5". NHS England believe that reducing obesity and harmful drinking, stopping smoking, controlling blood pressure, and identifying and improving poor mental health will help prevent ill health, promote good health, and improve detection, management and treatment of existing conditions.

In our morning together we will focus on teaching you tools to reduce stress and improve your mental health.

What's included:

This retreat will provide you with a safe space to be yourself and to acknowledge some of the highs and lows that parenting/being a carer can bring. It's amazing the difference 2.5 hours can bring for your self esteem, clarity and hope levels.

Your time at the retreat so important. Activities will be provided but everything is optional. We are looking forward to providing time to:

  • meet and make friends with other local parents and carers.

  • enjoy some refreshments without interuption!

  • learn a range of tools to help deal with stress such as mind mapping, solution focused questions and Emotinal Freedom Technique (EFT also called tapping).

  • wander in the garden and enjoying nature.

  • share what you're discovering with the group which is especially helpful for those who process out loud.



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