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Special Poem for Mayah's Legacy by Peju Abuchi – Poet – Wordsmith – and Educator - Self Awareness

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

You're here because of a significant loss that you've suffered or to support someone who's suffered a huge loss.

With loss comes a journey of grieving!

We see you

We hear you

We cherish your story.

Here are a few of my growing thoughts on Self Awareness

Self-awareness is a connection to who you are, how you are, where you are, and why you're there. Self-awareness is giving yourself full permission to connect to what you are feeling, when you're feeling it and why you're feeling it!

Self-awareness thrives in spaces of silence & solitude

You need to quiet your inner-self and your external surroundings so you can connect to all that you're experiencing

Noise can be a huge barrier to this!

Solitude is an ally because it calms the voices around us so we can tune unto our authentic voice and pay attention to what it's saying!

You matter

Your voice matters

Your experience matters

Self-awareness flourishes in an environment of self-compassion. Think about what you would say to a friend - a harsh critic vs an empathetic friend.

3 ways to unlock Self-awareness

Practise the pause

Safe in your space

Go with your gut

Practise the Pause

Your voice matters

It's important to express your opinions thoughtfully and confidently

For this to happen, it's important to pause and capture all the thoughts you need to communicate.

Here you are grounded

You want to be heard

It's important to pause before responding

A thoughtful response can win people over more than a harried rushed one

Safe in your Space

You want to be seen

Own your space

As important as physical safety

Tell yourself that you are in a safe space

You are respected and your desires are valued!

Shrinking back from speaking your mind or hiding away will send conflicting messages

Go with your Gut

You want to be understood

We each have a powerful inner advocate who always wants what's best for us and is our greatest champion

Trust your intuition...

Taking the time to tune into this inner force will pay rich dividends.

Journal and take notes to give you the space to think things through and work things out

Not everyone will understand or agree with your thoughts, opinions, and desires

That's not the goal

The goal is to embrace all that you know is best for yourself and to confidently communicate it, despite the usual fear, insecurity, and uncertainty.

Back to Self-awareness

Once you feel safe, have practised the pause and trusted your gut, you will align yourself with yourself and give others permission to hear you, trust you and dream into your journey.

Together, it's a win-win combo!


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