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Naomi Buffery is the CEO and founder of MORE THAN A MUM. She is a certified Emotional Health Coach, Maternal Mental Health Specialist, Mum and Postnatal depression and anxiety survivor.

She is super passionate about supporting Mums to Prepare their Mind for Motherhood.

This is because She found the transition from career women to Mother incredibly challenging. After a traumatic birth, her mental health took a swift nosedive. When She sought help, the only thing available was antidepressants.

She didn't want to be on medication forever and every time She tried to come off them, the symptoms would come back. So, She went on a mission to figure it out for herself. It took her many years of soul searching, training and personal development to be in a position where She is thriving as a Mum, not just coping and getting by. She doesn’t want anyone else to have to go through years and years of trying to figure it out. So, now She shares everything She’s learnt with new and expectant Mums.

Her mission in life is for all Mums to be emotionally and mentally prepared for Motherhood. She believes if you heal the Mum, you heal the World, benefiting the whole of society.

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