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How was your experience of NHS mental health services during pregnancy or after giving birth?

UCL have launched an extremely important new project to capture new mother’s and pregnant people’s experience of mental health services during the perinatal period. Research documents that up to 20% of pregnant people and new mothers experience mental health problems during pregnancy or following birth (Faculty of Public Health, 2016). However, despite this, little research has explored how supported new mothers and pregnant people feel by NHS services during this time period. This project aims to fill this gap, with the aim to help develop future mental health services, to better support mothers and birthing people in times of need.

You can take part in the project if:

1. Are currently pregnant or have been pregnant in the past 3 years

2. Were referred for NHS mental health support during your pregnancy or after giving birth

The research project requires you to complete a short, anonymous, and confidential online survey. This survey can be found here: The survey aims to capture your experience of the support you were provided, as well as information on your mental health and pregnancy.

Once you have completed the survey, you can opt into a prize draw, where you will have a chance to win up to £100.

If you have any questions, please contact the lead researcher (Ellie Bennett) via email:

Please share this message with anyone who you feel may want to contribute to this project.

Together we can help inform the development of Perinatal Mental Health Services to better support families. Thank you for your time.



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