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Hope empowers me.

My dreams give me energy and strength.

Hope encourages me to make constructive choices. I value myself and my perspective. I want to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. I see the importance in doing meaningful work and managing stress.

Hope helps me persevere through obstacles. I know that life's challenges are transitory. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel even while I am struggling.

Hope motivates me to go one step at a time. I concentrate on the present. I have the courage to continue.

Hope expands my vision. I recognize that I have options even when I am in a difficult situation.

I build hope. I surround myself with family and friends who help me to look on the bright side. I limit my intake of unpleasant news stories. I read inspirational books and engage in activities that leverage my strengths.

I sustain hope. I slow down and take a deep breath when I feel overwhelmed. I greet change with an open mind. I make a list of the many things that I am grateful for. I remember how much goodness there is in the world.

I spread hope. I lift my spirits by helping others to feel more cheerful. I volunteer in my community. I call a friend who is feeling down.

Today, I embrace hope. I am excited about my possibilities. I can handle any challenges that come my way.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. 1.How does hope work for me in managing anxiety?

  2. What is one habit that would help me to start the day feeling more optimistic?

  3. How can I be hopeful and realistic at the same time?



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