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Help and Support with the loss of a baby - Introducing Kate Hoyle -

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and use Rapid Transformational Therapy to support people struggling with their emotions or mental health.

We cannot change the past but we can change how we think about it and how it affects us. Hypnosis is particularly useful in accessing events and the beliefs we attached to them at the time. How we felt about things that happened in our childhood has a significant impact on how we view ourselves and how we react to events in our adult life.

When we lose a child, of course there is incredible sadness and grief but this can develop into guilt and blame depending on how we feel about ourselves based on previous experiences. Grief is a natural process and should be allowed to run its course. If, however, it takes hold and seriously impacts day to day life, then support may be needed to find out why and how to change your thinking so that you can function more effectively.

There can also be a lasting impact, such as PTSD, which can then lead to problems over subsequent pregnancies or any medical procedures.

Whatever the impact of your tragic loss, you deserve the support you need to carry on.

Kate Hoyle, Cl.Hyp, ARTT

+44 (0)7956 376014



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