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Help and Support with the loss of a baby - Introducing Caroline Purvey - CEO and founder of TRE UK®.

Caroline Purvey is an award-winning, No 1 bestselling author, with her book ‘Feel It to Heal It’ International speaker, CEO and founder of TRE UK®. Creator of the Total Release Experience®, a unique programme to empower people to effectively release symptoms of stress and trauma where traditional methods have failed.

Lives are quite simply transformed through the process and it comes highly recommended by professionals including Drs, Psychotherapists and Therapists. Voted in the top 10 women to watch in well-being, Caroline’s programme has been adopted by the Jewish Community, Fire and Rescue Service, the Police and the Prison Service, as well as taking this powerful, empowering work to the heart of organisations, families, key workers and every-day people all over the world.

After an expedition to Malawi in 2018, Caroline took her ripple further afield, by training 9 adults how to use the Total Release Experience to treat their community. Now with 19 adults trained her work has supported over 3,500 challenged children in Africa to release their trauma, build resilience, and can go on to lead happier, healthier lives

Caroline Purvey MA (Ed) Founder & CEO of TRE UK ® - Inspirational Leader -

No 1 Best Selling Author - The Woman to Watch in Wellbeing!



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