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Grief is healed through acceptance and love.

It is difficult to lose someone that I love. Missing their presence is painful, especially on special occasions. But I know that healing is on its way. Acceptance and love keep me going.

I accept passing as someone’s transition to a peaceful and uncomplicated life. Knowing that my loved one’s soul is at rest is comforting.

In a difficult world, all that I yearn for is the happiness and contentment of the people that I love. I accept when that comes in the form of them leaving this world to somewhere that makes their soul smile.

When I think about them watching over me, I feel comforted. It is important to accept that their energy is everlasting.

I also face grief when a special relationship is broken. It is difficult to move on without having that bond, but I know that it gets more manageable with each passing day.

I accept that changes happen, and life goes on.

Loving someone from the depths of my soul gives me peace of mind. Showing unconditional affection allows me to maintain a healthy emotional state.

When I fill my soul with positive energy, it is renewed and repaired. I am able to carry on with life because I am fuelled by inner strength.

Today, I realize that living through loss is a lesson in acceptance and love. I know that I am okay even when I cry because healing happens one day at a time. It is wonderful to have loving energy around me to comfort me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How does my grief manifest itself when I experience sudden loss?

2. How does engaging my mind help in recovering from loss?

3. Who are the people that consistently offer support to me?



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