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Finding Empowerment through Grief - Xina Gooding-Broderick - #grief #loss #mayahslegacy #empowerment (Click on the link to watch the full Interview)

You can contact Xina

@motherofabundance (instagram)


After losing her father 7 weeks after his cancer diagnosis, Xina was cast into a world of sorrow. Her father was a funeral director and one of his requests was for Xina to take over the family business. She became the first black woman in the UK to own an independent funeral home, and her father's funeral was the first one she directed. She later began her executive leadership coaching business.

Highlights of our conversation around empowerment through grief:

1. The ability to be active and to do something meaningful was empowering for her.

2. Look after yourself and take responsibility for managing your grief. (Xina sought out Grief Support)

3. Her priority was to manage her grief in a healthy way

4. Self-care on your path is empowering. It gives you the ability to help others, should you need to do so.

5. Relying on faith is an option. Difficult moments are opportunities to lean on God. This helps you not to take the burden on your own. You may be imperfect in your grief and you don't need the answers for everything.

6. Grief can be isolating, so figure out what's right for you. Enjoying nature and taking a stroll in nature can be comforting. You can cry without anybody looking at you.

7. You don't need to be "strong". However, if you do want to be strong, you can decide what that looks like for yourself. You make up your mind how to do that on your own terms, not on the terms of well-wishers who ask you to "Stay strong".

8. The choice is yours. You are under no obligation to accept what is imposed on you by well meaning onlookers.

9. Your response to grief is unique to you; you may or may not cry, you may need company or you may wish to be on your own, etc.

10. Grief can be overwhelming and our reaction can be profound. You need deep self care, deep compassion and deep self-love. #empowerment#grief#selflove#choice#loss#mayahslegacy



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