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Always a Mum: How I survived my baby loss - by Funke Oham

In Always a mum Funke writes with candour about her reflection, reaction to and reason for her baby loss experience. In an encouraging and easy to read format she addresses issues of motherhood in relation to loss, her fears about subsequent pregnancies, accessing support, faith and loss, living again after her loss and finding purpose in her pain.

On the surface, you may see a confident, vibrant, and accomplished woman with two decades of experience and the heart of a lion. However, Funke did not come to a higher level of knowledge without overcoming odds that seemed insurmountable. She has taken a journey that put her on the path to empowering women to enrich the world and honor their critical role in society.

Drawing on her Christian faith after suffering the loss of two babies, Funke realised her true purpose was to share her experiences with women everywhere who needed support, education, and hope. Through this experience, she dedicated herself to encouraging women walking in these shoes, raising awareness on maternal health, and fundraising for various related causes such as the White Ribbon Alliance.

By sharing her message through her writings, mentoring, and public speaking, as well as through her involvement as Ambassador for Black Women in HR, Funke has helped countless women of all ages over the past two decades discover their own strengths and abilities to develop and empower them to achieve their goals and create the lives they desire and deserve.



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